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 WOW - these are so good. Like crack in a bag! I ate my entire order before I realized it. The "Smoky Thai" is my personal favorite!"

downtown Construction worker

 These are no doubt some of the tastiest and spiciest candied nuts that I have found. I will say - heed the warnings and wash your hands after eating. Let's just say there are some places on the human body that do not react "favorably" with hot peppers."

Lesson learned

 "Rajun Cajun" is my favorite flavor so far. The nuts seemed to get hotter near the bottom 10% of the bag. Like magnitude of order on the scoville scale higher!!! I'm crying man!!!!!"

Devoted customer

 Just finished a bag of the Zombie Nuts. Fantastic but definitely one to "work up" to. Sure to get your tongue a waggin."

Idaho Tongue Wagger