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We, here at Sweet Dragon, work tirelessly over the cauldron to make the best possible product for you, our customers. But even we need to take a break from labors of our love. And during those brief moments, we indulge in a frosty beverage, maybe a sandwich, and browse through our customers feedback. We absolutely love from everyone. Tell us your thoughts of the flavors and heat levels. Especially if you adventured into the darkest and spiciest recipes. We love those stories. The best ones will always get added to our wall.

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Taste The Heat

 WOW - these are so good. Like crack in a bag! I ate my entire order before I realized it. The "Smoky Thai" is my personal favorite! 

downtown Construction worker

 These are no doubt some of the tastiest and spiciest candied nuts that I have found. I will say - heed the warnings and wash your hands after eating. Let's just say there are some places on the human body that do not react "favorably" with hot peppers. 

Lesson learned

 "Rajun Cajun" is my favorite flavor so far. The nuts seemed to get hotter near the bottom 10% of the bag. Like magnitude of order on the scoville scale higher!!! I'm crying man!!!!! 

Devoted customer

 Just finished a bag of the Zombie Nuts. Fantastic but definitely one to "work up" to. Sure to get your tongue a waggin. 

Idaho Tongue Wagger

 Veteran Owned\Operated 

Our Story image
Huh? My story? OK

Let's see, as all great things begin, so does the story of Sweet Dragon. From an unseen seed of inspiration.

For many years my father liked to make spicy peanuts and give them out over the holidays. And his knowing of my passion for spicy foods, he eventually shared the recipe with yours truly. I in turn started making the spicy peanuts.

Peanuts - just peanuts. And they were good.
After a few batches (even a couple of burned batches) I tweaked the method a bit and was making spicy peanuts.
But only the flavor my dad had shown me.

I too was sharing with friends and family.

Then one night during cooking, that infamous notion "I bet I can improve this" kicked in.
And "The Original Recipe" flavor was created that very night.

The next night, yip the very next night, I started playing in the lab (kitchen) and trying all kinds of spicy combinations.
Some variations were amazing. Others down right awful. The latter never got past the trash can.

Flavor after flavor was born. Holiday Blend, Altered Beast, Blend #3,  & Chipotle Blend were early creations.
Everything I made went to work. Shared with everyone I could get to try the new creations. Some were loved.
Some were not.

One day, a co-worker was going to host a Christmas party for her family and wanted some of the Holiday Blend and was hoping I would be kind enough to make her a couple of pounds. "She'd pay me for them". Hmmmm - suuuurrre. Why not.
The next day, my very first delivery was made. Oh, not in the fancy do-dad bags that you all get today. Just plain ol' ziploc baggies. A couple weeks latter I was to learn that the treat was a huge success.

As time went on, more folks were asking for bag after bag. Sweet Cajun, here, Smoky Thai there. I couldn't be handing out ziploc baggies of spicy nuts forever. My creations needed MORE.

New bags were found. The logo designed. A name was created. More recipes born. Even had some swag put together.
Some of you might even still have a pen with the Sweet-Dragon logo on it. (I might have to get some more created).

Eventually there were different size bags, almost 30+ recipes (yes there are only 8  10  16 recipes on the site right now).
Orders coming in from time to time. And the world was still turning.

And now the time is right - time to start the business 100%.

Today, all orders are handcrafted and made to order.
This spring (spring of 2019) me and my lovely Lisa will be hitting the Farmers and Saturday Markets around the Portland & Vancouver metropolitan area. Watch the Events page, Facebook and/or Instagram to find our tables.

Thanks for reading "Our Story" and hope to see you all at the Markets in the coming months.

Sweet Dragon

Big question - what is YOUR "definition" of hot?

Yet another great question.

I will break this down into the 4 groupings we have listed out on the website.


Mild = 0-2 on the Dragon Scale. Truly very mild. The Holiday Blend recipe has no hot peppers of any kind. Cinnamon is the warmest of the ingredients. Dragon Snaps does have a touch of wasabi. There is no heat in these 2 recipes. No need to have any milk, crackers or sour cream on stand-by.

MEDIUM = 3-6 on the Dragon Scale. Most folks can handle these recipes. You can feel some heat, but it will not cause any mental collapse.

HOT = 7-10 on the Dragon Scale. Oh, I promise the heat will be very present. This level is beyond the "Supermarket" definition of hot. Most folks can still handle these recipes. However, the heat does linger and some folks may want some milk, or even a popcicle near by.

WTF = 11+ You have now walked straight into the Dragons Lair. The chili's used in these recipes will include Ghost peppers, Red Savina Habanero (which hotter than the normal habanero), Carolina Reaper and Birds Eye. And less sugar (the sugar tames the heat - less sugar less taming). You will want to wash your hands after eating. Then you will want to wash them again. No seriously, wash your hands. A lot!

What peppers do you use for your recipes?

Good question

That will depend on the recipe.

There is Horseradish, wasabi, Ancho. Ginger, New Mexico, Habanero, Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper), cinnamon, alspice, clove, nutmeg, lemongrass, lemon pepper, thai, cayenne and many many more.

If you have an allergy to any particular pepper, you should send us an email and find out which recipes you should avoid.

What nuts do you offer as a base?

This is a new business for us. We are small but growing.

To keep things simple for us and the prices as low as possible for for our fan base, currently we are only offering 3nut bases

Hazelnuts\Filters (50/50 blend)
Sunflower Seeds

Eventually we will add other nuts for you enjoyment.

How many different recipes do you have to offer?

There are well over 20 recipes on the cookbook. And several more ideas in the works

As we are just starting out we decided to place 8 of the most popular up into the store.
We are now offering 15 of the best recipes known to mankind (well, we think so any way).

Things in the works (recipes with this as a base:
Recipes with no sugar

Other items in the works:
Rubs and seasonings. Just imaging a "Smoky Thai" rub or an "Indelicate Don" seasoning (talk about a SPICY BURGER!)

What if I want to make a special request for a specific nut base?

We fully understand  sometimes our fan base want\need different options.

The best option would be to use the "Contact Us" page and send us an email.

We cannot accommodate all requests, but we are more than happy to do what we can.

Where can I we find your product?

Right now -  we are mainly online. A few months ago I have been able to join forces with Sturmanns Cigar & Wine bar in Garden City, Idaho. They carry a variety of the our MEDIUM recipes.

We are currently working on arrangements to start selling our product at Farmers and Saturday markets around the Boise\Meridian, ID metropolitan area.

Keep an eye on the "Upcoming Events" page for locations, dates and times.

(Updated 02/08/2023)

What makes your product better than other nut roasters?

It is true - there are a lot of other roasters out there.
And most if not all are good in their own right.

Many only sell at events and trades shows. They will give you a great product in on open cone container.
You are looking at 4oz for around 8 bucks.
Several roasters make their recipes using egg whites and\or artificial flavorings.

We here at Sweet Dragon only use raw or lightly roasted nuts, sugar and natural spices.
There are absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives in any recipe.
Oh, all the recipes at Sweet-Dragon cannot be found anywhere else.
And we always sell our product in resealable bags.

This way you can have a handful, close the bag and keep on doing whatever activity you are enjoying.
Keep a bag in your desk at work. In the saddle bag of your bike or horse. Your arm console of your car.
In pocket during hikes or out while your fishing. You can even walk them through airport security and enjoy them
when flying to destinations unknown. You could climb mount Everest and eat them on top of the world.

Just like Green eggs and Ham, you can take and enjoy them anywhere!

What does a nosey pepper do?

Get jalapeño business! 

Why didn't the young pepper practice archery?

Because it didn't habeñero!